The next leap in team management and communication for remote workers.

Hands-free & portable

  • Hands-free to allow tasks and processes to continue whilst video conferencing. 
  • Create live 2-way video conferences 
  • Receive expert assistance in real time
  • Multiple frame options 

Audio & Visual

  • 3 microphones
  • Video camera for live collaboration in real time  
  • Speaker in the back for clear communication
  • Voice-activated commands
  • Adjustable and easy to read display screen

Easy to use

  • User-friendly and inclusive technology 
  • Easy to install and deploy 
  • Bring your own Zoom Enterprise account


  • Create, join and rejoin meetings from a list
  • Multiple Glass units can join one single meeting 
  • Choose active screens whilst on Glass
  • Share screens with other participants 
  • Record sessions 

Feature Updates


  • Use voice commands to control common actions on the Glass device. EG. “OK Glass Create Meeting”.
  • Link Bluetooth devices directly from Glass
  • Choose the active screens while on Glass allowing you to change your view whilst in a


Web interface 

  • Create Wifi QR codes directly through the web interface and store Wifi QR codes for future use.
  • Add new paid Metix user licences directly from the Metix portal.
  • Connect your own Zoom Account allowing you to choose the level of Zoom service required.
  • Record/share screen functionality on Zoom activated when you link your Zoom account.
  • New installer for Metix allows you to re-install devices as required.


  • Create a video conference room
  • Join an active video conference via a QR code
  • Rejoin last video conference
  • See a list of all current video conferences
  • Mute audio and video feed
  • Control options with gestures
Web Interface
  • Create a live video conference room
  • Generate a unique QR code for user login
  • Activate the record function from web interface
  • Share screen with Glass wearer