Solutions for Inspections

Metix enables your teams to complete walk-through inspections of remote facilities in real time.

Case Study

Inspection Organisation

International and regional facility inspections can be completed with no time/costs associated with transit.


The team needed to do a walk-through inspection of their new build site but were unable to physically attend the site at the same time.


A Metix enabled worker on site gave the team a real-time walk through with two-way video and audio feedback


Once in the meeting simply press the record button and chose if you would like to record to the cloud or your computer.

Using the built in camera app you can easily take photos and videos on the 8MP camera. These can then be retrieved by simply plugging in your device to the computer.

The Glass arm plus frames back down into a small box that is easy to post to site as required.

Glass has an 8MP camera so videos captured have a high resolution and very detailed.

Yes. Through Zoom you can record the video/audio to your local computer or cloud depending on your subscription.

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