Solutions for Audits

Metix enables live audits with your greater team no matter where they are located.

Case Study

Audit Organisation

Live audits on the completion of jobs saved this organisation over $300,000 a year


On completion of a job a team member needed sign off from an external agent and had significant wait times to complete.


A live video conference between the repairer, management and interstate auditors allow for immediate site assistance, review and sign off.


Once you have created a meeting you can send an invite link to any email of your choice. They can then join the Zoom meeting by downloading Zoom or run through browser.

Once the meeting has started any participant can share their screen with the Glass user.

If you want to keep an audit trail of the users on the Glass device then a User account per person is recommended.

Most users will get 2-3 hours of continued use before enquiring a fast charge (30 mins). You can extend this by using a plugged battery pack.

Yes. Through Zoom you can record the video/audio to your local computer or cloud depending on your subscription.

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