Solutions for Maintenance

Metix enables teams to access expert assistance no matter where they are in the world.

Case Study

Maintenance Organisation

Mitigated the risk of a machine failure causing a $5,000 per minute shutdown.


Maintaining specialist equipment from overseas when technicians are unable to travel.


Local Metix enabled team members could connect with international teams to simultaneously work on maintenance of equipment with expert assistance.


No. You can create the meeting on Glass and then simply invite them to the Zoom Meeting.

Glass have rated safety frames that can attach directly to the device.

Yes, with Metix you can create a meeting and then join with multiple devices from either a list on the device or by scanning a QR code.

Yes. If you set your device up as a mobile hot-spot you can connect directly with your Glass device.

Yes if the client gives you access to there SSID and password. However you can not connect to public WiFi connections

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